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30 Most Down Articles
1 A simple formula for predicting settling velocity of sediment particles 2008 Vol.1(1):37-43
Song Zhiyao1,2,3; Wu Tingting1,2; Xu Fumin2,3; Li Ruijie2,3 [Abstract] (2403) [PDF 125KB] (18653)
2 Calculation of passive earth pressure of cohesive soil  based on Culmann’s method 2011 Vol.4(1):101-109
Hai-feng LU, Bao-yuan YUAN [Abstract] (3232) [PDF 429KB] (12387)
3 Modeling atrazine transport in soil columns with HYDRUS-1D 2011 Vol.4(3):258-269
John Leju CELESTINO LADU; Dan-rong ZHANG [Abstract] (2655) [PDF 434KB] (11309)
4 Analysis of dynamic wave model for flood routing in natural rivers 2012 Vol.5(3):243-258
Reza BARATI, Sajjad RAHIMI, Gholam Hossein AKBARI [Abstract] (2979) [PDF 424KB] (8460)
5 Orifice plate cavitation mechanism and its influencing factors 2010 Vol.3(3):321-330
Wan-zheng AI, Tian-ming DING [Abstract] (3139) [PDF 284KB] (7598)
6 Modified theoretical stage-discharge relation for circular sharp-crested weirs 2012 Vol.5(1):26-33
Rasool GHOBADIAN*, Ensiyeh MERATIFASHI [Abstract] (2677) [PDF 313KB] (7263)
7 Application of snowmelt runoff model (SRM) in mountainous watersheds: A review 2012 Vol.5(2):123-136
Shalamu ABUDU, Chun-liang CUI, Muattar SAYDI, James Phillip KING [Abstract] (3010) [PDF 316KB] (7210)
8 Stability analysis of concrete gravity dam on complicated foundation with multiple slide planes 2008 Vol.1(3):65-72
Xu-hua REN*1, Jia-qing SHU1, Neng-hui BEN2, Hong-yun REN1 [Abstract] (2036) [PDF 202KB] (6979)
9 Roughness coefficient and its uncertainty in a gravel-bed river 2010 Vol.3(2):217-232
Ji-Sung KIM;Chan-Joo LEE; Won KIM;Yong-Jeon KIM [Abstract] (3160) [PDF 432KB] (6811)
10 Application of Muskingum routing method with variable parameters in ungauged basin 2011 Vol.4(1):1-12
Xiao-meng SONG, Fan-zhe KONG, Zhao-xia ZHU [Abstract] (3369) [PDF 450KB] (6620)
11 Tunnel design considering stress release effect 2009 Vol.2(3):87-95
Van-hung DAO*1, 2 [Abstract] (2201) [PDF 166KB] (6549)
12 Shear velocity criterion for incipient motion of sediment 2014 Vol.7(2):183-193
Francisco J. M. SIM?ES [Abstract] (2598) [PDF 800KB] (6154)
13 Mechanisms of hydraulic fracturing in cohesive soil 2009 Vol.2(4):95-102
Jun-jie WANG, Hui-ping ZHANG, Ming-jie ZHAO, Xin LIN [Abstract] (2988) [PDF 168KB] (6054)
14 New design solutions for low-power energy production in water pipe systems 2009 Vol.2(4):69-84
Helena M. RAMOS M.RAMOS Alexandre BORGA Mariana SIM?O [Abstract] (2494) [PDF 679KB] (5918)
15 Simplified SEBAL method for estimating vast areal evapotranspiration with MODIS data 2011 Vol.4(1):24-35
Xiao-chun ZHANG, Jing-wei WU, Hua-yi WU, Yong LI [Abstract] (3552) [PDF 368KB] (5788)
16 Extended activated sludge model no. 1 (ASM1) for simulating biodegradation process using bacterial technology 2012 Vol.5(3):278-290
Ya-jing SONG, Yue-bo XIE, Doddi YUDIANTO [Abstract] (2589) [PDF 355KB] (5621)
17 Application of HEC-HMS for flood forecasting in Misai and Wan’an catchments in China 2010 Vol.3(1):14-22
James Oloche OLEYIBLO; Zhi-jia LI [Abstract] (3461) [PDF 217KB] (5452)
18 Implementation and verification of interface constitutive model in FLAC3D 2011 Vol.4(3):305-316
Hai-min WU; Yi-ming SHU; Jun-gao ZHU [Abstract] (3514) [PDF 535KB] (5176)
19 Rainwater harvesting to alleviate water scarcity in dry conditions: A case study in Faria Catchment, Palestine 2010 Vol.3(2):132-143
Sameer SHADEED ; Jens Lange [Abstract] (4427) [PDF 226KB] (5058)
20 Circulation characteristics of horseshoe vortex in scour region around circular piers 2013 Vol.6(1):59-77
Subhasish DAS, Rajib DAS, Asis MAZUMDAR [Abstract] (2499) [PDF 2549KB] (5035)
21 Geochemical modeling of groundwater in southern plain area of Pengyang County, Ningxia, China 2010 Vol.3(3):282-291
Pei-yue LI, Hui QIAN, Jian-hua WU, Jia DING [Abstract] (3286) [PDF 335KB] (4989)
22 Seismic stability analysis of concrete gravity dams with penetrated cracks 2012 Vol.5(1):105-119
Shou-yan JIANG*, Cheng-bin DU [Abstract] (3585) [PDF 1869KB] (4942)
23 Application of GIS-based SCS-CN method in West Bank catchments, Palestine 2010 Vol.3(1):1-13
Sameer SHADEED; Mohammad ALMASRI [Abstract] (3617) [PDF 353KB] (4940)
24 Comparison of performance of statistical models in forecasting monthly streamflow of Kizil River, China 2010 Vol.3(3):269-281
Shalamu ABUDU, Chun-liang CUI, James Phillip KING, Kaiser ABUDUKADEER [Abstract] (3003) [PDF 281KB] (4907)
25 Relationship between soil surface roughness and hydraulic roughness coefficient on sloping farmland 2012 Vol.5(2):191-201
Zi-cheng ZHENG, Shu-qin HE, Fa-qi WU [Abstract] (2801) [PDF 315KB] (4828)
26 Application of in situ direct shear device to shear strength measurement of rockfill materials 2009 Vol.2(3):48-57
Si-hong LIU*1, 2 [Abstract] (2241) [PDF 302KB] (4812)
27  Application of modified k-ω model to predicting cavitating flow in centrifugal pump 2013 Vol.6(3):331-339
Hou-lin LIU, Dong-xi LIU, Yong WANG, Xian-fang WU, Jian WANG [Abstract] (2448) [PDF 1066KB] (4791)
28 Time-domain hydrodynamic analysis of pontoon-plate floating breakwater 2012 Vol.5(3):291-303
Zhi-jie CHEN, Yong-xue WANG, Hua-yang DONG, Bin-xin ZHENG [Abstract] (2646) [PDF 610KB] (4776)
29 Settlement prediction model of slurry suspension based on sedimentation rate attenuation 2012 Vol.5(1):79-92
Shuai-jie GUO*1, 2, Fu-hai ZHANG1, 2, Bao-tian WANG1, 2, Chao ZHANG3 [Abstract] (2528) [PDF 654KB] (4663)
30 A simplified dynamic method for field capacity estimation and its parameter analysis 2014 Vol.7(4):351-362
Zhen-tao CONG, Hua-fang Lü, Guang-heng NI [Abstract] (2024) [PDF 1203KB] (4617)
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