Water Science and Engineering     2015 8 (1):  20-29    ISSN: 1674-2370  CN: 32-1785/TV

A continuing 30-year decline in water quality of Jiaojiang Estuary, China
Chun-ye WANG1, 2, Bin ZHOU*2, Bei HUANG3
1. College of Marine Science, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai 201306, P. R. China
2. College of Science, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou 311121, P. R. China
3. Zhejiang Provincial Zhoushan Ocean Ecological Environment Monitoring Station, Zhoushan 316000, P. R. China
Received 2014-08-21  Revised 2015-01-05  Online 2015-01-31
Supporting info

This work was supported by the Soft Science Research Project of the Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology (Grant No. KX12E-17), and the Research Project of the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau (Grant No. 2012A033).

Corresponding author: Bin ZHOU