Water Science and Engineering     2020 13 (2):  136-144    ISSN: 1674-2370  CN: 32-1785/TV

Multi-objective reservoir operation using particle swarm optimization with adaptive random inertia weights
Hai-tao Chen a, Wen-chuan Wang a, *, Xiao-nan Chen b, Lin Qiu a
a School of Water Resources, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou 450046, China
b Construction and Administration Bureau of South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Route Project, Beijing 100038, China
Received 2019-08-25  Revised 2020-02-01  Online 2020-06-30
Supporting info

This work was supported by the Foundation of the Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Colleges and Universities in Henan Province (Grant No. 181RTSTHN009), and the Foundation of the Key Laboratory of Water Environment Simulation and Treatment in Henan Province (Grant No. 2017016).

Corresponding author: Wen-chuan Wang